Top Reasons for ED in Men & Effective Medicines for Treatment
Top Reasons for ED in Men & Effective Medicines for Treatment

If you’re suffering from impotence or know someone who is going through this sexual disorder then this blog is for you.

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) can be triggered by one or multiple reasons. Also, the triggers vary from person to person. Hence, if you want to find an effective treatment relevant to your health conditions then determining the cause is a crucial step. With this said, we’re here with a handful of major causes for ED in males. Let us share that the list isn’t complete and there could be more factors contributing to this sexual disorder. However, these are the ones commonly found among men. Have a look!

Former Reasons for Erectile Dysfunction in Males

  1. Age

ED becomes more common as men age. Though it was believed that impotence hits men during the 60s and 70s, let us tell you that men can have impotence during the 30s and 40s too. Nearly 2% to 12% of men aged 40 can experience the symptoms of ED too. This percentage grows with the age. So, if you’re in your 30s and unable to gain or keep desired hardness for weeks continuously then visit your healthcare provider. After all, consciousness can help you find an effective treatment early.

  1. Obesity

While talking about obesity, let us also mention that this generation relies more on junk food than on healthy. We don’t even bother if the taste is compromising our health. Hence, obesity becomes a major contributing factor to impotence. However, this doesn’t mean that losing weight can make you regain sexual health. Once ED occurs, it may accompany you for a lifetime.

  1. Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure & High Cholesterol

All these heart health-related factors should be taken seriously. ED shares an interesting relationship with heart health. Poor heart health links to blood pressure and cholesterol problems too. Therefore, if you have cardiovascular disease or anything related to poor heart health then you may experience ED anytime later.

  1. Smoking & Drinking Habits

The increasing use of tobacco and alcohol creates havoc on your health. It affects the entire blood flow mechanism of the human body. They take a toll on blood circulation in the male genitals. The blood supply decreases therein and hence ED occurs. So, if you’re addicted to alcohol or cigarettes then it is your time to limit the consumption or stop usage.

  1. Side Effects of Ongoing Medicines

Feel glad if you’re experiencing ED due to any existing medicines. Some medicines cause impotence and when you stop taking these medicines, your sexual health restores. So, this cause is reversible.

Some first-line Medicines for treating Impotence

While we’re talking about the causes, let us also share treatments. If you don’t know, ED could be a temporary or permanent sexual disorder. No matter if it is time-being or lasting, you can treat it with effective oral medicines like Cenforce, Vidalista, Fildena, Kamagra, Tadalista, etc.

Prescription medicines for ED are easily available online at pocket-friendly prices. This means you can still hope for a normal sex drive despite living with the symptoms of impotence. Everything is possible these days & so is the treatment of ED. Visit your doctor today!


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