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Modula 5 Mg

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Generic Tadalafil
Manufacturer Sun Pharma
Strength 5 Mg
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Modula 5 Mg Tablet Overview

Modula 5 mg (Tadalafil) Tablets are used as prescription medicines for treating erectile dysfunction (ED) in men. It is available in very low-power dosages but its effective performance is par excellence. Modula 5 mg contains Tadalafil as the main active component which improves erections in impotent males.

Though it creates a good sexual playtime for men, it is not a sexual arousal-causing pill. This means that it cannot make men get into the mood for sex, but works efficiently once men are ready for sex after foreplay. Also, this oral medicine for ED has certain limitations, and men desiring to use Modula 5 mg should learn about them from their doctors. We recommend not buy Modula 5 mg tablets online or starting using them without getting knowledge beforehand.

Modula 5 Mg Tablet Uses

This oral pill serves the major purpose of treating male impotence. However, it may be prescribed for treating Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) and Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH) if your doctor finds it suitable.

How does the Modula 5 Mg tablet work?

Modula 5mg tablet is dependent on its active ingredient Tadalafil for enhancing erections in men. Tadalafil belongs to the PDE-5 inhibitor group of drugs that causes relaxation of the spongy pelvic floor muscles. It improves erections by boosting the cGMP enzyme production and preventing its breakdown. The male penile region should receive blood flow consistently throughout sexual intercourse. This requirement is fulfilled by Tadalafil by unclogging the arteries carrying blood therein.

Thus, harder penile erection is attained within 30 minutes and it lasts for up to 4 or 5 hours smoothly. Men can even gain desired hardness again within this effectiveness duration as this ED medicine reduces refractory duration.

Which Modula 5 Mg Tablet Doses are available?

This impotence medicine has two dosage variants as below:

  • Modula 5mg tablets
  • Modula 10mg tablets

Please note that only your doctor will decide which Modula 5 mg tablet dose you should continue with and for how long.

Directions for taking Modula 5 Mg Dosage

Use Modula 5 mg dosage as directed by your physician. It should be consumed as one tablet daily before an hour of sex. Don’t take more than one tablet at a time. Swallow the tablet as a whole and drink a glass of water along.

You can have it both with and without food, but not with alcohol. Try to have it with light meals or on an empty stomach for faster effectiveness.

Side Effects of Modula 5 Mg Tablet

Common Modula 5 mg tablet side effects include nausea, headache, dizziness, drowsiness, flushed face, redness of the skin, itching sensation, pain in the arms and limbs, weakness, stomach pain, diarrhea, etc may be experienced. Some rare cases may experience bleeding in urine, irregular heartbeat, paining erections, stiffness not fading after 5 hours, etc. Visit your doctor immediately.

Drugs NOT to be used with Modula 5 Mg pills

Patients must discuss their ongoing medicines with the doctor before using Modula 5 mg pills to ensure safe intake of this ED pill.

  • Medicines having Nitrates content
  • Riociguat
  • Blood pressure medicines
  • Cancer medicines
  • Antidepressants
  • Sleeping aid medicines and so on

Warnings & Precautions

  • Use Modula 5 mg tablets only if it has been prescribed by the doctor. Don’t combine it with conflicting medicines or any other impotence pill with the same or different active ingredient.
  • Patients with severe health disorders like liver, kidney, heart, diabetes, glaucoma, etc should let their doctor know about this before using Modula 5 mg for ED.
  • Avoid activities like using heavy tools, driving, drinking alcohol, smoking, drugs, etc once you have used this impotence pill.
  • Only your doctor can tell you when and how to discontinue Modula 5 mg So, don’t do it independently otherwise adverse effects may appear.

Modula 5 Mg Tablet Reviews

“I suffered from ED for around 8 months & then got prescribed with Modula 5 mg tablets. It cured my impotence issues and brought a new wave of excitement to my sex life.”


  1. Is Modula 5 mg tablet habit-forming?

Men using Modula 5 mg tablets have not reported any addictive properties of this medicine but you may ask your doctor regarding this.

  1. Is it effective for women too?

Male and female genitals work differently. Thus, using Modula for women may be risky for them, especially during the pregnancy and breastfeeding phase. Don’t give it to your female partner or children below 18 years.

  1. Should I avoid certain food items while using Modula 5 mg?

No food item affects Modula 5 mg intake except drinking alcohol or smoking. This medicine is safe to use with or without food. Learn more about this from your doctor.

  1. How to store Modula 5 mg tablets?

Store Modula 5 mg tablet in a cool, dark, and dry place. Make sure it doesn’t get into the hands of your kids easily.


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