Can Food Cause Erectile Dysfunction?
Can Food Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

You may be aware that erectile dysfunction can stem from a lot of health issues. Some are concerned with physical health while others are related to psychological wellness. In addition, some triggers for erectile dysfunction are also hidden in the meals you eat. Is it true? Let us have a brief overview of whether any food item can cause impotence or not.

Food & Its Link with Impotence

Do you know? The food you eat has an impact on your physical as well as sexual health. Some food has the capability for causing erectile dysfunction. This falls true because food intake affects other health issues like blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, and so on.

If you’re unaware then let us share that erectile dysfunction is nothing but insufficient blood supply to the penis. Men having heavy or fatty meals may be obese. Obesity gradually impacts other aspects of health like cholesterol and diabetes. Moreover, such health issues hinder sufficient blood transmission to the penis. Thus, the symptoms of erectile dysfunction appear.

Which Food Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

By the time you’ve known that erectile dysfunction can be caused by food then you must be curious to find out those food items. Here are the 4 major culprits.

  1. Pre-packaged Foods

Have you ever thought that your pre-packaged meals are causing ED? If not, here is the sign to stop its usage or minimize its consumption at least. Canned food and meals stored in plastics have high amounts of preservatives. No matter if the pre-packaged food is fruits, veggies, fish, or anything, it is loaded with BPA. BPA is a toxic chemical affecting sexual hormones.

Surprisingly, BPA is not only responsible for decreased sexual desire but also a root cause of infertility and impotence.

The warning does not end here. Microwave dinners and plastic water bottles also contain high amounts of BPA that keep healthiness away.

  1. Fried Foods

Needless to say that fried foods are advised to avoid for patients with diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. They’re bad nutritionally and have a direct link with degraded erectile health. Fried foods are easy to consume and tempting enough but are they any good if they don’t contribute to good health?

  1. Alcohol

Alcohol abuse is not good for your health whether you are diagnosed with impotence or not. On the contrary, it can make the experience with ED medicines like Suhagra 100mg, Big Fun, Fildena XXX, Cenforce Professional, etc. dizzier. If you cannot quit alcohol suddenly, which is not even possible, then limit its usage. Drinking alcohol excessively eliminates testosterone from the bloodstream and leaves men needing help with low testosterone.

  1. Red Meat

ED links with poor heart health directly. In this case, red meat has high amounts of saturated fats that further leads to high cholesterol and heart diseases. Thus, you should always rely on low-fat protein sources like beans, salmon, chicken, etc. over red meat. Not only do they keep your physique but also your sex drives healthy.


If you’re relying on any of the above-listed food then you have known what they’re doing to your sexual health. Try to limit the usage as soon as possible to get back to your good sexual life.

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