Are Urinary Symptoms related to Erectile Dysfunction?
Are Urinary Symptoms related to Erectile Dysfunction?

Complex diseases like erectile dysfunction make it difficult to engage in pleasurable sexual engagement. As physical and psychological variables can affect a person’s sexual function, erectile dysfunction frequently coexist with other medical diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and depression.

Urinary tract symptoms like overactive bladder, frequent nocturnal urination, the perception that one’s bladder is not completely empty, and sudden urge to urinate that can result in leaking urine, have been linked to sexual dysfunction in previous studies.

Health care professionals may be able to treat individuals with both disorders more successfully if they have a better grasp of the connection between erectile dysfunction and urinary tract symptoms. The authors of a subsequent study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine built on this research by examining the prevalence of ED in a sample of 442 male participants.

The authors discovered a prevalence of ED of 53% in the sexually active males they studied using the Sexual Health Inventory for Men (SHIM) in which 234 men had ED out of the 442 sexually active men.

Regardless of age, men with ED had greater rates of urinary tract symptoms than the other subjects. According to the study’s findings, 8 percent of the men without ED and 13 percent of the men with ED also had moderate-to-severe Urinary tract symptoms. According to the study, there were statistically significant correlations between ED and urge urinary incontinence.

To comprehend the connection between ED and Urinary tract symptoms, more study will be required. However, this knowledge might be an excellent starting point for realizing the connection between these disorders and the significance of screening for ED in urinary tract symptoms patients, and vice versa.

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