4 Ways You Can Reduce the Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction
4 Ways You Can Reduce the Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction

We often look for a simple cure for our ailments. You are sick, you take a pill. We are in pain, we take a pill. Pills have become a part of our everyday lives that we even take medicines like Cenforce D and Tadalista Super Active to treat conditions like Erectile Dysfunction.

The point is that real health care is often much more complex. The factors that can cause sexual problems in men may not be a threat to their health but this condition can also lead to psychological problems like anxiety, loss of self-confidence, and cause relationship problems.

Whatever we put on our bodies in life affects our penis and its ability to function. After overusing it, our body tends to give up the fight and cause permanent damage. However, a holistic lifestyle approach to erectile dysfunction treatment can help restore and maintain penile function.

The chemistry behind erection is amazing. It starts with the molecule nitric oxide (NO), which signals the muscles that line the inside of the blood vessels of the penis to relax and fill up with blood. This helps you achieve and keep an erection.

Lose Weight

Obesity is one of the worst things you can do to your penis. For every 15 pounds of fat, you gain, you lose ½ inch of your penis.

Exercise Regularly

Exercise and your penis go hand in hand. According to a recent study, the main lifestyle factor influencing erectile dysfunction is exercise, both total body exercise and penile exercise. An inactive lifestyle has been shown to increase ED by 2-10 times while being active reduces ED by 80%.

Keep Your Stress Low

Stress produces adrenaline which prevents an erection. The main sexual stress factor is adrenaline which is what keeps your penis flaccid daily. So even the slightest amount of stress will pump adrenaline through your body, which prevents an erection.

Quit Smoking and Drinking

Studies have shown that smoking and drinking too much alcohol, increase the chances of ED.


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