ErectilePharma is considered the most reputable pharmaceutical store to provide 100% satisfaction to each consumer. 100% effort is put on all the orders set by any customer, whatever. The shipping of each item is ensured by us so that it reaches our buyers punctually. We try to clear any case of refund, return, and cancellation policy of orders.

There are several reasons to cancel the order. The grounds include:

  • Limited quantities are available for purchase.
  • Unavailability of stock.
  • Issues identified by our credit and fraud avoidance department.

For any reason, your purchase is not delivered or is damaged in transit. We’ll ship you a replacement or issue you a full refund depending on your request. If, however, you receive a partial order, we’ll give you a full refund, then charge only for the item you received.

Please give us 30 business days from the day the order was shipped. If, After 30 days, you have not got the order or received any notification that your order was on hold or returned to the sender. Please contact us. So, we would act on your request immediately.

Cancellation by the Customer

The cancellation policy on our online store is simple and you can easily cancel your order online. Please contact our customer care if you would like to cancel the order. When you canceled the order and provided that it meets accepts all the terms and conditions of our cancellation policy, you will receive a cancellation invoice from us. Upon receipt of the cancellation notice, we will cancel this order and refund the total amount of the order that has not yet been processed. Unfortunately, According, our cancellation policy, we will not be able to cancel orders that have been processed or dispatched out by people. In some cases, this can occur within 12 hours after you place the order.


The payment of the order has been by Credit Card, we will refund the Credit Card. However, if the payment method is a Check / Money purchase, we will send you a Check/ Money order back if the same has not been deposited. Check/ Money order will be transmitted only to the billing address of the customer.

Usually, the refund process is within ten days. However, in the matter of payments by Check or Money arrangement, it may take more time for the check to be sent to your billing address and allow the money to be credited to your accounts once you deposit the confirmation. Also, when our customer isn’t happy with the item, they may increase a complaint against the product. That is possible due to the comprehensive Refund policy.